Прием заявок на соискание Премии Бальцана

Balzan Prize 2021 Applications Now Being Accepted

Works in the following areas are eligible for consideration this year:

  • Holocaust and genocide studies;
  • Artand archaeology of the Ancient Middle East;
  • Use of microbiomes in healthcare;
  • The physical and astrophysical aspects of gravitation.

The Balzan Prize is an international prize awarded for outstanding achievements in science and culture established by the daughter of the Italian Eugenio Balzan (1874–1953), a part-owner of the Corriere della Serra newspaper. The award has been conferred annually since 1978.

Since 2011, the prize amount has been 750,000 Swiss Francs, and the winner is obliged to donate half to support research of young academics. IREG (International Ranking Expert Group) ranks the Balzan Prize sixth in interdisciplinary areas (it is essentially on a par with the Albert Einstein Award and Max Planck Research Award that rank above it, as well as with the King Faisal Prize).

Individual researchers and research teams may be nominated for the prize.

Applications must be submitted to the Prize’s Organizing Committee by March 15, 2021 and must contain the following information in English, German, French or Italian:

  • a description of the significance of the research and its merits in regard to the nomination, including links to the relevant publications;
  • excerpts from 10–20 principal publications relevant for the nomination, listing the year of the publication, publishing house, and a translation into one of the languages listed above;
  • a detailed CV with contact information;
  • a photograph with a resolution of least 300 dpi.

The information should be sent to:

Chairman of General Prize Committee
Professor Luciano Maiani
Attention secretariat of the International Balzan Foundation «Prize»
P.tta U.Giordano, 4
1-20122 Milano, Italia

CC to balzan@balzan.it.

For detailed information, see the Prize’s website: www.balzan.org